Haryanvi Foods To Eat For Healthy Bones

There is a famous quote in Haryana “Dudh Dahi Ka Khana Desha Mein Desh Haryana”. Which indicates the powerful immunity people have from their eating habits. Haryana is a North Indian state.

Rich culture diversifies everything & gives the privileges of eating healthy foods to Haryanvis. Foods that help in strong bone & joint formations are easily available, In fact people are consuming a lot of such foods on a daily basis. But the problem is, people are not aware about the technicality of these foods.

Dr. Neerav Jain as an Ortho Specialist suggest to eat foods with higher amount of the following:

* Calcium
* Vitamin K
* Vitamin D
* Zinc
* Magnesium
* Omega-3 Fatty Acids
* Protein Rich Foods

The question is, which are the foods that are rich in all the above mentioned vitamins and minerals, let’s check it out.


Onions are rich in nutrients, low in calories but high in vitamins & minerals. Not only people in Haryana, In fact the whole country includes it while making Sabji (Vegetables). But is it enough to eat only that much, clearly the answer is NO.

You have to increase the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) to benefit yourself by including Onions in your diet. By including Onions in your daily diet you will get a boost in the following aspects:

* Increases your bone density
* Benefits heart-related problems
* Helps control your BP (Blood Sugar)
* Full of Antioxidants
* Onions helps in fighting Cancer
* It boosts your digestion system

A study shows that women over 50 years, if they consume onion juice on daily basis; It will increase their bone density by more than 20% in comparison to women who don’t consume onions at all or RDI is very less.

So, what is the recommended daily intake for healthy bones of Onions? According to sources, per serving of onion includes total 90 plus calories:

* 3.5 Grams Fat
* 0.5 Grams Saturated Fat
* 14 Grams Carbohydrate
* 2 Grams Protein
* 3 Grams Fiber
* 305 Milligrams Sodium
* Calories From Fat: 31.5% or 34%

Which means you can include one whole onion as salad in your daily dinner.

Dahi (Curd):

Who is not familiar with Dahi in Haryana? Everyone knows what it is and how easy Dahi(Curd) is available in North India.

Dahi is produced during the bacterial fermentation process of milk in nearly every single household in Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan. Looking at the availability of yogurt, makes it more obvious that it is included in the daily diet of North Indian people.

So, how does Dahi or Yogurt help in the formation of healthy bones if consumed on a daily basis through a balanced diet?

According to FoodData Central, Per 100 gram of daily intake gives around 59 Calories and the following:

* 10 Grams Protein (80% Casein, means more calcium)
* 4.7 Grams of Carbohydrate,
* 3.3 Grams of Fat
* 88% Water

It’s good to include Dahi in your daily diet, along with healthy bones it also have some extra benefits which includes:

* Stronger Immunity
* Better digestive process
* Healthy & glowing skin
* Reduces high Blood pressure
* Prevents vaginal infections
* Last but not least, improves bone density.

After looking at all the above mentioned benefits of Curd/Dahi, It’s recommended to include at least 1 cup (approx 220+ calories) of homemade Dahi in your breakfast.

Grain-based Foods:

Haryana is on the sixth spot, when it comes to grain food production. Due to high production of grains it’s normal to have grain made products in daily food consumption.

Some examples of grain foods are:

* Brown Bread
* Popcorn
* Brown Rice
* Oats (Daliya)
* Quinoa
* And, Roti

Out of all grain foods, Roti (Chapati) is the most famous food eaten by North Indians.

Let me tell you, How eating grain foods helps in the formation of healthy bones?

Whole grain foods are rich in Fibres, Vitamins B, Minerals like Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Magnesium, Protein & Antioxidants. Which benefits our body in the following aspects:

* Lower the risk of heart disease
* Reduce your risk of obesity
* Balances insulin
* It supports healthy digestion
* Reduce chronic inflammation
* Reduces the risk of Cancer
* Improves bone density

Looking at the benefits it’s recommended to have at least 3 – 4 chapatis daily along with other grain foods that will increase the formation of healthy bones.


Dietitians recommend at least eating 8 to 10 overnight soaked almonds. Almonds contain a good amount:

* 3.5 Grams Fibre,
* 37% of RDI, Vitamin E
* Protein,
* Calcium,
* Copper,
* Zinc
* And Magnesium.

No doubt, almonds are good for your bones & joints. As they are the most famous tree-nuts, are easily available in local markets of Haryana.

As an Ortho Specialist, I recommend taking soaked almonds in your daily diet preferably in breakfast.

Milk & Ghee

Milk & Ghee both are the lifeline of daily food consumption in Haryana. According to FoodData Central Cows milk in one serving(240 ml) contains; water 88%, Protein 7.7 grams,Carbs 11.7 grams, Sugars 12.3 grams and 8 grams of fat. Cow’s milk has numerous health benefits:

* Bone Health And Osteoporosis
* Balanced BP (Blood Pressure)

Due to it’s calcium rich properties it’s recommended to have at least 1 glass of cow milk every day.

Green Vegetables & Fruits:

Nothing beats calcium in case you want strong bones, the majority of Haryana’s population is Vegetarian. Which means people are consuming a good amount of all kinds of vegetables.

* Palak (Spinach)
* Dhaniya ( Coriander Leaves)
* Soybean Flour
* Moong Dal
* Urad Dal (Split Black Lentils)
* Mulli Ke Patte (Radish Leaves)
* Akhrot (Walnuts)
* Methi (Fenugreek Leaves)
* Arhar Dal
* Gawarfali (Cluster Beans)
* Broccoli
* Oranges
* Kiwi
* Apricots
* Berries (Strawberries & Blackberries)
* Pineapple
* Litchi
* Papaya

All the above Vegetables & fruits are easily available in North Indian markets. Calcium rich Vegetables and fruits not only benefit your overall health but directly impact your bones because of their calcium rich properties.Plus, by eating onions, curd, grain-based foods, almonds, milk & ghee, and green vegetables-fruits you can increase bone density without any medication and supplements.

As an Ortho Doctor, In case you need help then feel free to Contact.

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